+ than 100 years

Refrescos del Atlántico is a company with more than 100 years in the soft drinks market. In our beginnings we developed a local market from which we have internalized the value of dealing with people, new business opportunities have led us to consolidate and implement a national market, through our own brands and distribution, with more than 200 references

Refrescos del Atlántico has established itself as one of the main national exporters of Refreshing Beverages, covering European countries such as Portugal, Belgium and Finland and a large number of countries on the Atlantic coast of Africa.


Effectiveness. Flexibility. Quality.

The extremely high efficiency and flexibility of our human and technical teams, together with total involvement with our suppliers and customers, has allowed us to enhance our know-how in a firm and determined commitment to quality.

The opening of new markets based on an individualized relationship with customers and with more and better adapted commercial proposals for consumers, have positioned us as a benchmark in the beverage sector in national and export markets.


2 modern bottling plants

Plant of Marín (Pontevedra)

Modern bottling plant with its own springs in which we manufacture soft drinks of cola and flavors, soda, tonic-water, seltzer, drinks based on fruit juices

Plant of Valdunciel (Salamanca)

Located at the foot of a spring declared natural mineral water since 1997, it is the main bottling plant for our weak mineralized water.

Certified quality

As a food company we have ISO 9000 (2000) Certification, being in the process of obtaining ISO 14000.

Refrescos del Atlántico as a supplier to the main distribution companies in the national market, has been subjected to the strictest audits related to food safety and hygiene, meeting the expectations and quality standards required.

Process control ensures proper management of food risks, generating mutual trust with our suppliers and customers.

Being aware of the adequacy of our operating standards and in the confidence of adopting models that generate confidence, while providing added value, we have been working on the requirements of IFS version 4.