White brand

If your company is interested in increasing customer loyalty, your brand image, increasing the association of products with your establishment, if you are looking for products packaged with your own corporate image, we can make our drinks, juices, soft drinks under the distribution brand or White brand.

The white label product concept is not recent, it gets its name from when its packaging was a characteristic white color and it was argued that design and advertising costs were being saved. Although this range of products was initially associated with a low cost product, nowadays its value for money has been taken care of so much that today they are highly recognized, they help to strengthen the establishment’s brand and often even compete with the main brands. of the sector.

We have a catalog of more than 200 references that we can personalize with the design of the corporate image, but it is also possible to make customized products according to your needs.

Our products are already part of the catalog of the main distribution and food chains.